The plumbing world, like other sectors, is still being plagued by critical supply-chain problems and labor shortages. Many long-time plumbers are retiring and the younger people seem to have no interest in the plumbing field crippling the industry and leaving many plumbing projects near impossible to finish. Despite these obstacles, advancements in plumbing product design and capabilities are exploding creating a wave of innovation for 2023 and beyond.

In this article, we will look at how plumbing purchasing is changing as online sites entice consumers with endless choices in styles and design features. We will learn how the focus is shifting and many consumers are purchasing plumbing fixtures and parts online. In addition, consumers are considering environmental consequences as a large part of their plumbing planning. Finally, we will take a look at how Smart technology is playing a role in plumbing fixtures and providing opportunities never seen before in the plumbing industry. Let’s see how the plumbing landscape is beginning to change.

The Internet And Plumbing

As Covid shut down our world and people were restricted to their homes they began using online shopping to order products they normally would purchase from brick-and-mortar businesses. E-commerce exploded and although we are out and about now, our shopping habits have changed. More than 60% of all plumbing supplies and fixtures are now being purchased through the Internet. This trend is growing and unlikely to reverse anytime soon.

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Eco-Friendly Is Important

In today’s society, environmental consequences are constantly being talked about and monitored to ensure all choices and actions taken are for the benefit of the environment and that includes plumbing. Consumers have become obsessed with lowering water usage, and reducing their carbon footprint while creating safe and healthy home environments.

Grey water recycling is all the rage. These installed plumbing systems collect leftover water from tubs, showers, and hand washing then filter and distribute it to toilets, irrigation systems, and other appropriate users of grey water.

Manual collection of water is increasingly popular as rain barrels are added to downspouts and rain gardens are sprouting up everywhere. Rain gardens, like rain barrels that collect rainwater, collect runoff from impervious surfaces for native species that can tolerate highly wet or dry conditions.

Both systems reduce water usage and make good use of water that normally would go to waste. This supports our environment and saves money too.

Smart Products

In addition to water-saving efforts many consumers are focusing on new technology as can be seen by the increase in tankless water heaters, low-flow toilets and shower heads, and other plumbing devices and services. These smart plumbing products can help you to lower water bills and become more efficient.

Smart Toilets

Many features associated with smart toilets are more for enjoyment purposes such as playing music or warming the seat automatically. However, many are designed to save water as they use 0.6 gallons of water per flush as compared to non-smart toilets which use about 1.6 gallons. There are even models that detect water levels in the tank and can alert homeowners when there is unusual activity.

Voice And Motion Activated Faucets

Conserving water and saving money are two benefits of these smart faucets. Either through voice commands or motion detection, these faucets turn themselves off and on reducing water waste. They also diminish the spread of germs as they are hands-free.

Smart Leak Detection

Smart leak detection devices are designed to stop damage from damaged or burst pipes. They are equipped with sensors that can detect unusual water usage or alert homeowners to water leak problems before serious damage can occur. Some include the ability to remotely shut off the water supply completely. These preventative devices are great water savers and can save thousands of dollars on repairs.

High-Definition Video Cameras

These plumbing cameras are used to locate blockages in plumbing pipes that are deep within the system. They are able to access sewer line pipes buried under driveways, patios, and other hard surfaces and can avoid messy and costly renovations as they eliminate excavation of your landscaping. Video cameras are helpful during plumbing inspections and overall have been of great service to plumbers and homeowners alike.

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New innovations and technological advancements are taking over the plumbing industry despite the labor shortage and difficulty of receiving purchased products in a timely fashion. Online sales have exploded giving consumers more choices in designs and styles while remaining faithful to environmental issues. The biggest changes are those related to smart technology and offer advantages never considered in the past. It is an exciting time in the plumbing industry and will continue to be as products become smarter and consumers reach for better-designed and higher-quality products.

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