Emergency plumbing can best be described as plumbing services provided after normal business hours such as nights, weekends, or holidays. The services are for plumbing problems that can damage your property or cause harm to those living at the property.

In this article, we will discuss the various types of plumbing problems that fall into the emergency category. We will look at the potential damages to which these situations can lead including property damages and health-related issues. Knowing when to call for help is important but equally important is knowing when not to call since you do not want to pay emergency rates for non-emergency problems. Finally, we will take a hard look at ways you can avoid plumbing emergencies altogether.

What Constitutes A Plumbing Emergency?

A plumbing emergency would include situations such as a burst pipe, a sagging ceiling, or a water heater that stops producing hot water. It would also cover sudden low water pressure throughout your home, water main breaks, or broken or clogged sewer lines resulting in unsanitary sewage backups inside your home. Overflowing toilets are also considered an emergency-worthy plumbing problem.

Resulting Damages From Plumbing Emergencies

All plumbing emergencies carry the risks of serious damage to your home and health. A burst pipe when you are away can cause water leaks and dump hundreds of gallons of water into your home. This can damage walls, ceilings, floors, and substructures not to mention your saturated belongings. An overflowing toilet can create a mess of toxic waste materials as can blockages in drain pipes.

Broken water lines can become contaminated making the water in your home undrinkable and all this extra water can lead to dangerous mold and bacteria growth. Damages can be so severe as to demand you to vacate your home while repairs are being made adding more expense to the repair bills. Replacing water and sewer lines or repiping a home can take quite a long time and sewage cleanup must be done by a professional to guarantee a healthy and safe home.

When And When Not To Call An Emergency Plumber

A full-blown emergency is a panic situation which is not the time to be looking for a reputable and reliable plumber. You should already have the name and number of someone you trust long before disaster strikes. Ask your neighbors, look at the Better Business Bureau ratings, and online reviews to find a plumber that meets your standards. When a plumbing problem arises, decide if it can wait until regular business hours. Perhaps shutting off the main water supply and abstaining from using affected fixtures will be a viable solution. If sewage is backing up in your sinks, get your phone out and call for help regardless of the hour. Reliable plumbers always have technicians on call to respond to serious plumbing issues.

All gas-related issues are emergencies that require no thinking. If you smell gas run as fast as you can away from the property and call 911. This is the #1 plumbing emergency of all time!

It is unnecessary to call for emergency help for any of the following conditions:

  • dripping faucets
  • a running toilet
  • drains that are slow to empty
  • gurgling drains
  • foul smells in drains

Although these plumbing concerns need to be dealt with they do not constitute plumbing emergencies.

How To Respond To A Plumbing Disaster

During a plumbing emergency, you must stop the flow of water coming into your home. Know in advance where your shut-off valve is located and turn all the water off. Next, open every spigot and flush every toilet to allow the water in the system to exit the house.

It is also imperative you shut down the operation of your water heater. If malfunctioning, the unit is at risk of overheating and exploding creating flooding and possible physical injury.

While waiting for professional help to arrive, clear out the area around the source of your plumbing emergency so the technician wastes no time in getting to the problem.

A final thought…a plumbing emergency is not the time to decide you can fix it yourself. Unless you happen to be a plumber the best defense against a plumbing emergency is your phone call to a reputable plumber!

Smart Ways To Avoid Plumbing Emergencies

Most homeowners care about their homes and want to do the right things to keep them in good working order. Oftentimes it is ignorance that creates issues that could easily have been avoided. Here are some suggestions for keeping plumbing systems in good working order. Do not ignore seemingly small issues such as dripping faucets and toilets that continuously run. These can not only waste hundreds of gallons of water but add substantially to your monthly utility bills.

Speaking of toilets, remember they are not trash cans. The #1 toilet rule is nothing should be flushed except toilet paper and human waste. Many people flush dental floss, feminine hygiene products, and even paper towels which will clog your drain pipes. Teach your family and be sure to educate your guests as well.

Educate yourself on the proper disposal of food items going into your kitchen sink. Grease, fats, and oils should be avoided at all costs as they congeal and block drain pipes and act as sticky magnets that catch small food particles. No fibrous foods, starchy particles, egg shells, or coffee grinds should ever find their way into your sink drains.

Another common habit that leads to plumbing emergencies is the use of chemical drain cleaners. While excellent at removing blockages they have the downside of damaging plumbing pipes. The harsh chemicals break down pipes leading to bursting and flooding.

The best hope you have of preventing plumbing emergencies is to rely on the trained eyes and expertise of professional plumbers. They can perform a yearly plumbing inspection to locate and repair minor issues before they expand into plumbing disasters.

Need Emergency Plumbing In Oklahoma?

A plumbing disaster is something no one wants to experience. Having to call a plumber after hours can be costly but they are able to help prevent further damage from exploding water heaters or blocked sewer lines. It is important to have reliable help established long before disaster strikes and to know the steps you can take to help minimize damages before help arrives. Maintaining your plumbing system by keeping a careful eye out for ordinary plumbing issues as well as enrolling in a yearly maintenance program will bring you the peace of mind you are doing your best to protect your home and family!

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