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Garbage Disposal Services

We Offer Garbage Disposal Repair And Installation Services

Garbage disposals are definitely a modern convenience. But, many times people forget what they can and cannot put down their garbage disposals and they are prone to many problems. Depending on the model of your disposal, it can be quite sensitive and require an expert for maintenance or repair. If you need your garbage disposal worked on or are thinking about adding a garbage disposal to your home, we can help. Our services include:

  • Garbage disposal repair
  • Gas disposal replacement
  • Blade replacement
  • New garbage disposal installation

A garbage disposal is an appliance installed under a kitchen sink that grinds food waste into small particles. These particles are then washed away down the drain, helping to keep kitchens clean and odor-free.

No, not all food waste should go into a garbage disposal. Hard or fibrous materials like bones, fruit pits, coffee grounds, and fibrous vegetables (like celery) can damage the disposal or clog drains.

If your garbage disposal is not turning on, it could be due to a power issue, the unit may be overheated, or the motor might be jammed. Some disposals have a reset button that can be pressed to reset the unit after it has cooled down.

You can clean your garbage disposal by running cold water and dish soap down the drain while the disposal is on. For a more thorough clean, grind a few ice cubes along with a slice of lemon to eliminate any lingering odors.

No, grease and oil can solidify and stick to the pipes, leading to clogs. These should be disposed of in the trash rather than down the garbage disposal.

Garbage disposals can leak for several reasons, including loose connections, a failing gasket, or cracks in the unit. You’ll need to identify the source of the leak and repair or replace parts as necessary.

Yes, but it’s important to use the disposal for organic materials only and avoid overloading the system. Some models are specifically designed for use with septic systems and may include a cartridge that releases microorganisms to help break down food waste.

On average, a garbage disposal can last between 8-15 years with proper maintenance. Signs you may need a replacement include frequent resets, persistent odors, frequent clogs, or if the motor stops functioning.

A humming noise usually indicates a jam in the disposal. If this occurs, turn off the disposal and the water, then use pliers or a hex wrench (never your hand) to remove the jam.

While it’s possible to install a garbage disposal yourself if you’re handy, it might be a good idea to hire a professional, especially if you’re not comfortable with plumbing and electrical work.

Running water helps move the food waste down the drain and out of the disposal. It’s best to use cold water, as hot water can melt any fats or grease, causing them to solidify and stick to the pipes once the water cools.

The impact on the environment is mixed. While they can reduce the amount of solid waste that ends up in landfills, they also increase the amount of solid waste in water treatment facilities. Some areas have banned garbage disposals for this reason.

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