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Having a properly-working toilet is critical to a peaceful life. Nothing can be more frustrating than having a toilet that constantly runs, clogs, or leaks. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering professional toilet repair and toilet replacement services in Oklahoma. Whether you need a simple part replaced, a toilet unclogged, or you are thinking about replacing the old commode altogether, we can help you! We offer:

  • Toilet flapper replacement
  • Toilet commode replacement
  • Toilet leak repair
  • Toilet unclogging services

A continuously running toilet can often be traced back to a leaky flapper or fill valve. When these components don’t seal properly, water leaks into the toilet bowl, causing the fill valve to continually refill the tank.

Inadequate flushing can be due to a variety of issues, including a low water level in the tank, clogged rim holes, or a clogged sewer line.

A plunger is the most common tool to resolve toilet clogs. If the clog persists, you might need a toilet auger. If the issue continues, you may have a more severe blockage in your sewer line that requires professional help.

There isn’t a specific timeline, but generally, wax seals should be replaced every few years or if you notice a leak around the base of your toilet. Other seals, like those in the tank, may last longer but should be replaced if you notice water leaking from the tank.

This usually indicates a failed wax ring seal between the toilet’s base and the sewer pipe. If you notice water around the base of your toilet, you should consider replacing the wax ring.

A hissing sound can be a sign of a faulty fill valve. When the valve doesn’t shut off properly, it can cause a constant water flow into the tank, which produces the hissing sound.

Replacing a toilet involves several steps, including removing the old toilet, prepping the area, installing a new wax ring, placing the new toilet, securing it, and reconnecting the water supply.

Check the water level in your toilet tank – it should be about 1 inch below the overflow pipe. Adjust it if needed. If the water level is correct, clean the rim holes and siphon jet, or consider upgrading to a higher-performing toilet.

Yes, a toilet can leak internally. If the flapper valve or fill valve isn’t sealing properly, water can leak from the tank into the bowl, causing an unnoticed increase in water usage.

A foul odor may indicate a blockage in your plumbing vent, a broken wax ring, or a dry P-trap. Each of these can allow sewer gases to enter your bathroom.

Besides visible leaks, an easy method is the dye test. Add a few drops of food coloring into your toilet tank. Wait for about 15-20 minutes without flushing. If the color shows up in the bowl, you have a leak.

Minor cracks may be repairable with waterproof epoxy. However, if the crack is large or in a critical area (like the bowl or tank), it can lead to leaks and should be replaced. Always consider professional advice when dealing with structural damages.

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