Natural gas is an excellent alternative to other power sources such as oil or electricity as it is reliable, cost-effective, convenient, and a clean source of power you can use to power water heaters, dryers, heating systems, and ovens and stoves. It can also be used outdoors for firepits and pool heaters. The only prerequisite to installing a gas line in your home is that it must be available in your area.

In this article, we will discuss some of the advantages natural gas installation has to offer and why we believe you should take advantage of natural gas to power your home.

Natural Gas Brings Convenience

Natural gas lines are typically installed underground making them less susceptible to stormy weather whereas electric lines are often negatively affected. The flow of natural gas is never hindered by blackouts or an electric line failure. In addition, natural gas is abundant and always available so you never need to remember to schedule a delivery as you do with oil.

Gas Is Cost-Effective

In March of 2022, the US Department of Energy classified natural gas as 3.4 times more affordable than electricity and other residential energy sources. So when you elect to use natural gas appliances instead of electric appliances you will save a considerable amount of money.

Natural Gas Can Be Environmentally Friendly

As opposed to other sources of energy like coal and petroleum, natural gas burns cleaner meaning it emits less sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide into the air. It is not as friendly as solar power or wind energy but compared to other fossil fuels it is a healthier option and the protection of the environment is a popular topic.

At Home Entertaining Is Popular

Covid scared a lot of people making them uncomfortable to go out to public spaces. This has increased the popularity of entertaining at home using gas-powered outdoor kitchens, fire pits, spas, and other appliances to make staying home fun. Once a gas line is installed the need to replenish portable gas tanks or worry about their content levels is gone.

Safety With Natural Gas

Natural gas is a naturally odorless and colorless substance so detecting a leak would be almost impossible. Luckily, gas providers add mercaptan to the gas which gives it the familiar rotten-egg smell we all associate with natural gas. This smell alerts us to unsafe conditions so we can protect ourselves and give us time to get out of the house.

Natural gas can be explosive but when used appropriately and when gas lines are regularly inspected and maintained it is a safe option for home use.

Looking For A Gas Line Plumber?

Deciding to add a natural gas line to your home for indoor or outdoor use is a smart decision. With huge savings and no fear of your gas supply running out, choosing natural gas as your energy source will bring you the peace of mind you deserve. Cost-effective, energy-efficient, and safe are all outstanding reasons to give us a call to install a gas line in your home today!